Welcome to the Co-operative Financial Institute of South Africa

The Co-operative Financial Institute of South Africa (COFISA) is a company incorporated in the Republic of South Africa whose main responsibility is to develop all kinds of co-operatives.

It has positioned itself to be an agency of choice that assists organised groups to form co-operatives, savings and credit co-operatives (SACCOs), financial services co-operatives (FSC) and co-operative banks.

Our Mission

To be a highly proficient agency that promotes co-operative development and proper governance reforms to foster the creation and growth of cooperatives as a practical vehicle for promoting self-reliance and harnessing people power towards the attainment of equity, sustainable economic development and social justice.


Latest News

Mpumalanga Farmers to Register a Co-operative Bank

Mpumalanga Farmers
COFISA has been appointed by the African Farmers Association of South Africa (AFASA) to assist farmers in Mpumalanga to register a Co-operatives…

2016 Specials

company register
Get your company registered in 2 days for R750 Get your co-operative registered in 1 week for R1500 Have a co-operative financial institution…

Shirley Mathabathe

Shirley Mathabathe is the Programmes Co-ordinator and Head of Training and Development for COFISA. She started her career as a social worker having…